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Floyd Mayweather Jr Early Life and Success

Floyd Mayweather Jr. initially Floyd Joy Sinclair is a retired American professional boxer and boxing promoter. As professional boxer, Mayweather competed between 1996 and 2006. Within that time, Mayweather has scooped a total of 15 world titles. He has lineal championship in four different categories and 15 world titles in five weight classes. Mayweather retired as an undefeated champion.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Other awards Floyd Mayweather Jr have taken over the course of his career include a featherweight division bronze medal at the 1996 Olympics, US national championship at featherweight, and three U.S. Golden Gloves championships.

He has won the Best Fighter ESPY Award six times, Boxing Writers Association of America Fighter of the Year award three times and the  The Ring magazine’s Fighter of the Year three times.

In 2016, ESPN ranked Floyd Mayweather Jr as the greatest in boxing for the last 25 years – pound for pound. It is also the same time that he took the top spot of BoxRec’s fighter of all time. Numerous boxing sites and sporting news companies have also ranked Mayweather as the best pound for pound boxer.

Floyd Mayweather Jr is often seen as the best defensive boxer to ever live. He is also referred to as the most accurate boxer. Mayweather holds the record for a consecutive 26 wins in world title fights. Ten among them is by KO.

He has 23 wins in lineal title fights where 9 are KOs. Mayweather has won 24 times against current or former world champions. He also holds a total of two wins against the inductees in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Away from the ring, Mayweather is one of the best pay-per-view attractions. He has topped the Forbes and Sports Illustrated list of the 50-highest paid athletes in 2012 and 2013. Mayweather has topped the Forbes list again in 2014 and 2015. Mayweather started his own boxing promotions firm in 2007.

Throughout his boxing career, he has generated about $ 1.3 billion surpassing the likes of former PPV attractions such as Evander Holyfield, Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao, Lennox Lewis and Oscar D La Hoya.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Early Life

Floyd Joy Sinclair as he was known was born on February 24, 1977. Mayweather’s birthplace is Grand Rapids, Michigan. Boxing is in his genes. His father Floyd Senior was a welterweight boxer. Jeff Mayweather, his uncle is a former, is former featherweight champion.

Roger Mayweather, another uncle is a former WBC Super lightweight champion and a WBA super featherweight champion.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Senior has played a major role in his son’s boxing career. Floyd sr. introduced his son to the gym soon after he was walking.

He would often hold the young kid in front of speed bags every time they visited. Soon after, the young Mayweather was throwing punches at anything that came his view. When he was 7 years old, Mayweather was fitted with his first pair of boxing gloves.

Little Floyd, as they referred to him, became a common feature in his neighborhood gym. The gym was just a few meters from his home. His intentions to follow in his father’s footsteps as a boxer became apparent when he took on his last name.

Floyd’s life was not easy. His father had a violent temper and would drift in and out of trouble working as a drug dealer. In 1978, the elder Mayweather was shot in the leg holding his son. In 1993, he was incarcerated on cocaine trafficking charges. His mother, Deborah struggled with drug addiction issues.

Therefore, it was uncommon for Mayweather to find needles in their small one bedroom New Jersey house. Mayweather also had aunt that died from HIV as result of substance abuse. “people have no idea of the hell I have been through.” Mayweather often says.

There was no quality father- son moment like most other kids do. According to Mayweather, the only time that his father spent with him was taking him to the gym. His father would often push him to work on his boxing.

As Mayweather often recalls, there was never time for ice cream. Floyd always thought that his sister was more liked by father. “She never got any whippings while got them all the time.”

However, the older Floyd rejects the claim that he deprived his son. He admits that even though he did sell drugs, he did not deprive his son. He contends that the drugs enabled him to provide the best for his kids.

According to him, his children had plenty of food, clothing, and money. “They never lacked for anything.” quips the Floyd sr. “Everyone in Great Rapids can attest that I took good care of my children.” Floyd sr. states that he did all his hustling during the day and would spend the day taking him to the gym. “If it wasn’t for me, he would not be where he is,” he says.

In his father, Floyd had someone that was a coach and believed in him. At just two years old, Floyd sr. would tell everyone that would care to listen that his son was a champion in the future. By the time Mayweather reached grammar school, his talent was apparent.

In family where sizing up opponents in the ring was typical, the assessment meant something. Mayweather contends that his grandmother may have been the first to notice his potential. He remembers once telling her of his thoughts to get a job. His grandmother told him to continue boxing.

For Mayweather, he raised himself and his grandmother only did what she could. When his grandmother would get mad him, he would run to their house which was not that far off. The older Mayweather admits that he is aware how much pain his incarceration caused the boy. However, insist that he did the best that he could at the time.

Mayweather dropped out high school to take care of his mother since according to him, school wasn’t going to be of much help. He focused all his energy into boxing as he realized that it was the only way he could make a living.

Floyd sr. was jailed when Floyd Mayweather Jr was just 16 years old. It was then that he went to live with his grandmother. The same year, 1993, Mayweather went on to win the national Golden Gloves championship.

His uncle had stepped and taken over his coaching with Floyd sr. in jail. Roger Mayweather would go on to become one of the driving forces and defining influences of Mayweather’s illustrious boxing career. Both in 1994 and 1996, Mayweather would win the national Golden Gloves championships.

His prowess in the ring proved critical and he won a spot to participate at the1996 Olympics. His boxing team mates nicknamed him “Pretty Boy” for successfully avoiding too many scars. His father Floyd and Uncle Roger had taught him defensive boxing technique that he used to make avoid scars.

“I’m not in this sport to take punishment,” Mayweather would say when asked about the technique.

Mayweather took part in 1996 summer Olympics where again through the support of his father won bronze. He would often call his father from the prison for advice. According to Mayweather, he would only listen to his father and not the coaches. The fight that he lost was a source of controversy. The U.S. team would go on to file a protest making one judge quit over the result.

Nevertheless, Floyd Mayweather Jr made a significant impression and was ready to go professional at 19. He would later talk of this period as when his boxing love was tested and proved. According to him, fighting 90 matches for free was adequate proof that he was not just fighting for money.

Floyd Mayweather Jr Armature Boxing Career

1996 Olympics

Mayweather reached the semifinals of the 1996 Olympics featherweight division and won a bronze medal. In the opening round, Mayweather won 10-1 against the Kazakhstani Bakhtiyar Tileganov.

He outpointed Artur Gevorgyan from Armenia 16-3. In the quarterfinals, Mayweather won by narrow margin of 12-11 against the Cuban Lorenzo Aragon. With this win, he became the first American to defeat a Cuban in over two decades.

His semifinal bout was against Serafim Todorov. The Bulgarian’s win was controversial and the U.S. team protested. Judge Bill Waeckerle resigned protesting the decision loudly booed by the spectators.

The U.S. team argued that some of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s punches were not given any points. On the other hand, Todorov would be awarded point without throwing any punches. Furthermore, no points were deducted against Todorov for slapping five times during times during the match.

The Professional Boxing Career

Super Featherweight

Floyd Mayweather Jr’s first professional fight was against Roberto Apodaca, a fellow newcomer in October, 11, 1996. The result was a knock out during the second round. His trainer was Roger Mayweather as his father was still serving his sentence for trafficking.

Floyd sr. would later take over after his release. During a two year period from 1996, Mayweather won most of his bouts by knock outs.

He was often referred to as the pugilist prodigy for his success in the early years. An ESPN commentator remarked during the fight that very few could match the kid’s talent.

Mayweather vs. Hernandez

Within two years into his professional boxing, Mayweather won his first world title through a Knock out in the eighth round. Genaro Hernández experienced his first defeat in that weight and would later praise Mayweather. “”He defeated me, he is quick, smart and I always knew he had the speed.

I give him respect. He is a true champ,” Hernández would later say. With the win, Mayweather became the first Olympics participant to earn a world title.

In the same year, 1998, Mayweather scooped The Ring’s Fighter of the Year award. He would later demonstrate his dominance by defending his title three times.

Mayweather vs. Corrales

One of the toughest fights that Mayweather encountered early on in his career was against the super-featherweight champion. Coming into the fight Diego Corrales was undefeated. Corrales had an impressive record of 33-0 with 27 KOs. However, by stoppage time, Mayweather had a scorecard of 89–79, 90–79, and 90–78.


Mayweather vs. Castillo I

Jose Luis Castillo was the World Boxing Council (WBC) champion. Mayweather’s first fight as a Lightweight was against Castillo and won the bout to scoop the championship. Mayweather won 115–111, but Harold Lederman was disputed.

Due to the close scores of their first fight, a rematch was arranged and took place on December 7, 2002. In the rematch, Mayweather employed his jab and footwork combination to get a unanimous decision. With 115–113, this judgment was also close.

Light welterweight

Mayweather made his debut by defeating DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley by a knockout. This win earned him a shot at light welterweight champion Arturo Gatti.

In his fight with Arturo Gatti, Mayweather was confident. The champion was defeated through quick shots that Gatti was not able to defend. Mayweather won the title when Gatti’s corner stopped the fight in the sixth round. This gave Mayweather his third world title.


His win against Gatti moved Mayweather to welterweight. He got the IBF welterweight title when he defeated Zab Judah. In their fight, Mayweather started calmly but dominated Judah in round 5. Floyd Mayweather Jr eventually won the round.

Light middleweight

Mayweather’s fight against the sixth-division champion was much anticipated. Oscar De La Hoya’s title was on the line.

Mayweather won the bout by split decision in the 12th round capturing the WBC title in the process. However, the majority of analysts said that Mayweather should have gotten a unanimous decision.

On May 2009, Mayweather came out of retirement (21 months) to fight Juan Manuel Márquez, the Ring lightweight champion. However, the bout was postponed after Mayweather got an injury during training. Mayweather would eventually defeat Márquez through a unanimous decision.

His Second Retirement

Mayweather announced in September 12, 2015, that he would be defending his WBA (super) and WBC titles against Andre Berto. Mayweather dominated the fight through out and won by unanimous decision. After his win, Mayweather announced his retirement at the ring.

Second Return: Mayweather vs. McGregor

The rumors of Mayweather’s comeback started floating around as early as April 2016. Rumors were that Mayweather was targeting his 50th win. Floyd Mayweather Jr later said that he would come out of retirement only to fight Conor McGregor, the UFC champion. Later, McGregor agreed to all Mayweather’s terms and signed the contract.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Following months of negotiations, it was agreed that the fight would be held on August 26, 2017. Floyd Mayweather Jr was guaranteed a $100 million pay and McGregor was to get $30 million.

As is the norm, Mayweather started slow to tire McGregor. He knocked him out in the 10th round making it 50 wins without defeats. This record surpassed that of Rocky Balboa.

After the fight, Dana White praised the UFC champion for landing 111 punches on Mayweather. This was more than what Manny Pacquiao had achieved.

Floyd Mayweather Jr referred to McGregor as a “hell of a champion.” He also referred to him (McGregor) as a tough competitor that gave the fans what they wanted to see. For McGregor, the fight was stopped prematurely but said he respected the decision.

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